I’m not right in the head.

So a few weeks back I experienced what I could closest relate it to was sleep paralysis. I had no idea what time it was when i woke up, but when I did I couldn’t move anything. I tried and tried but nothing would move only my eyes. And I knew I was awake I could feel myself taking breaths and i could hear Luke snort from his bed. 

I sat there for I’d say five or so minutes (I don’t know the exact time), then I had the sensation of someone stepping on to my back with one foot. It was right below my right shoulder blade and it started to get heavy but not to the point were i couldn’t breath. Then about 10 seconds later i felt a second foot being placed on my back, I could feel the feet trembling as if to maintain balance on my back.
All i wanted to do was freak out but my body wouldn’t let me, I still couldn’t move no matter how hard I tried, all i wanted to do was pull the blankets over my head and have it all be over with.
I imagined myself pulling the blankets over my head sometime later, I felt a sense of security but that was just an illusion. I hadn’t actually pulled anything over my head much less moved, but the person standing on my back had.
I could feel as if there were two hands next to my face and knees and shins pressed up against my sides as if someone was on all four over me. I could feel as it there was hair swooping back and for on my neck i kept getting chills from it.
then I fell back asleep seconds after that. the whole “dream” didn’t last that long but it felt like an eternity.
I never actually saw who was on my back but i had a weird picture in my mind on what she looked like. she was small and naked but had no real features at all no face or anything and her skin was very pale almost a blue pale.
and she had hair that went down to her waist but like straight black hair.
Dream two: this one happened to me on our way home from fiddle practice on Thursday.
I was sleeping in the van. I woke up when we went down our drive cause i was thrashed awake by it. but i fell back asleep soon after we parked, luke and beanie left me in the van i don’t know how long i was asleep before i started dreaming,  I “woke” up in the van a little while after i fell asleep. its hard to explain exactly what i felt. When i woke up i knew i wasn’t awake, i could still feel as though my eyes were closed and i kept telling myself i was dreaming and i need to wake up. i kept reaching for my buckle to unbuckle myself but every time i got it undone i would “wake” back up the same way i had before, still dreaming but still buckled like something from a trippy movie so i decided to embrace my lucid dream and i thought to myself “hey you can do whatever you want! so you should wake up!” and i tried and tried again and when i felt as though i had finally pried my eyes oped i looked to my right out of the van and there was what looked to be a man he didn’t have any features such as the woman before but he was different in many ways he had rough skin like rusted iron and the same color as rusted iron, he had a large waistline not obese but still large. like a homer simpson belly, i felt like he was waiting on me to get out of the van so i reached for my seat belt again to free myself from the car but when i unbuckled it the same thing happened i just “woke” up again in the same position i was in before with my seat buckle still clicked in.
i heard something some time later, i don’t know how long cause everything went black for a little bit but i actually woke up after hearing it and went inside with my heart still pounding from the experience.